Youyi insect screening systems

Insect screening also named window screen. Youyi insect screening systems include all kinds of insect screen products and material, production process, packing, application. window screen has wide applications in our life.

Our insect screen products inclue fiberglass screening, insect screening, enamelled iron insect screeing, plastic insect screening, stainless steel insect screening, aluminum insect screening, galvanized insect screening, vinyl coated window screen, plastic coated (pvc coated) insect screen, mild steel insect screen, hot dipped galvanized insect screen, insect netting common sizes and so on.

Fiberglass screen is woven from permanent glass yarn which has been coated with a protective vinyl to ensure lasting beauty, colour(white, charcoal, black) and flexibility. Fiberglass is noncombustible and will not rust, corrode or stain. Lightweight and economical, it comes in several different weaves and thread diameters.

Process and Features: Our products used in window screen and door , It made of fiber glass yarn, under the process of plastic-coating, plain weaving, and high temperature-fixing. This kind of insect screen offers good ventilation, good transparence, easy washing, anticorrosion, resistance to burn, strong-tensile force and long service life.

Common Size
Mesh: 10X10,14X14,16X16,18X18,18X14,22X22,24X24.
BWG: 31, 32, 33,34.
Hole: 3’x100’,4’x100’,1x25m,1.2x30m,1.5x25m.

New Products List

  • Plisse Insect Screen

    Plisse Insect Screen

    Plisse Insect Screen is produced by imported equipment through special process and treatment. It is also called foldaway screening, foldaway volie net.

  • Nylon Screen

    Nylon Screen

    Nylon Screen Material: 100% nylon (polyester available if needed).It is widely used in filteration and printing field.

  • Window screening

    Window screening

    We offers Window Screening in different materials(stainless steel wire mesh,galvanised, pvc coated, plastic mesh and other iron mesh), widely used in hotels and buildings to prevent insects and bugs from entering.

  • Fiberglass Screening

    Fiberglass Screening

    Fiberglass insect screen offers excellent properties of fire resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, easy cleaning, good ventilation, high strength, stable structure, etc.

  • Insect Screening

    Insect Screening

    Insect screening also named window screen, wire netting against mosquito. Assortments available: Galvanized Insect Screening Staless Steel Insect Screening Fiberglass Screen Enamelled Iron Insect Screening Plastic Insect Screening

  • Enamelled Iron Insect Screening

    Enamelled Iron Insect Screening

    Material of enamelled iron insect screening / netting: Iron Wire, and the color, weaving, property, application.

  • Plastic Insect Screening

    Plastic Insect Screening

    Insect Screening is widely used for windows and corridors to prevent insects from interrupting The specifications include 12*12 mesh, , 14*14 mesh, 16*16 mesh, 18*18 mesh, 18*14 mesh, 20*20 mesh, and the wire diameter generally is BWG 31,BWG32, BWG33...

  • Stainless Steel Insect Screening

    Stainless Steel Insect Screening

    Stainless steel insect screeinging, made of the basic stainless alloy (Type 304, 316, 316l). Color: Bright. Weaving: Plain weave

  • Aluminum Insect Screening

    Aluminum Insect Screening

    Weaving: Plain weave, Material: Al-Mg Alloy, Color: Silver white, Application: Against flies and mosquito, machinery protection, ventilation material and receiving signals.

  • Galvanized Insect Screening

    Galvanized Insect Screening

    Galvanized Insect Screening Material only hot dipped galvanized wire and eletro galvanized wire.It color is white or bluish white. Applications for construction, machine protection and keeping mosquito and insects out of residences.

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