Hot Dipped Galvanized Insect Screen

Galvanized steel window screen provides excellent rust resistance. It is silver in color and is easy to work with.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Insect Screen

Galvanized Iron wire netting uses mild steel wire to weave it into wire netting first, then galvanized. Based on the way of galvanized, it can be divided into blue white passivation galvanized iron wire netting, iridescence passivation galvanized iron wire netting and white galvanized iron wire netting. Blue white galvanized iron wire netting, because dealing with the passivation, it is much more anticorrosion than others and the color and lustre is much lighter.

Most popular type is made of electro-galvanized zinc-coated steel with a wire diameter of .009. The wire mesh is 18 x 14, which means there are 18 vertical wires per inch and 14 horizontal wires per inch. That's the same mesh used in most household window. 

Galvanized steel window screen width is usually from 50cm to 150cm, the mesh is from 12 to 26.
We can also produce as the buyers' requirement. 

Galvanized iron wire netting is wildly used in house and the hotel against mosquito and flies or other flying worms.

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